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This Is a Really Stupid Post but I Just Need to Write Something

I don't think I have a favorite movie. Does anyone really? There are plenty of movies that I simply adore--that I think are perfect in every way, but I can't imagine choosing a favorite. How do you compare Airplane and A Streetcar Named Desire? When I was growing up, I watched two movies obsessively: Amadeus and Clue. Both of them influenced me tremendously--one is total silliness, and one is absolute genius; but I could never say that one was my favorite. So, without further ado, here are 7 movies that I love. Why 7? Because I feel like it and it's my damn blog.

1) The Hours--I adore this film, even though, or perhaps because, it's more depressing than a puppy's funeral. Beautiful performances, an intricate story structure, and a serious, well-explored theme makes for a stunning film.

2) Scrooge (1951)--Alistair Simm provides the definitive performance of Charles Dickens' great Yuletide hero. As a Christmas fanatic, this movie is an annual ritual and never fails to make me cry like the little boy I really am.

3) Bringing Up Baby--Cary Grant. Katherine Hepburn. A lost leopard. An escaped killer leopard. Hi-jinks ensue. I quote this movie constantly.

4) Night of the Living Dead--Claustrophobic setting with wave after wave of the undead. The archetypal zombie movie--and still creepy as hell 40 years later.

5) Persuasion--If you haven't seen this gorgeous take on Austen's autumnal romance, do it right now. Seriously.

6) Beautiful Thing--Young gay British teenagers find love under the watchful eye of a proud lioness of a mother. Lovely.

7) Waiting for Guffman--The funniest of the Christopher Guest mockumentaries. I'm sure you're seen it--awesome right?

What do these movies have in common, aside from a general high standard of quality? Absolutely nothing. Isn't that brilliant?


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