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Things I saw at Gallifrey 2011

I just returned from my second Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles and boy are my arms tired. Wait...that's not how the joke works, is it? Never mind...

The days blur and the laughs seem to echo endlessly into one great big cacophony of good will, but some things stick in the mind:

Janet Fielding offering to pose for a picture with a Tegan cosplayer and making the girl's convention. * A genuine CBS camera crew (!!!) filming a Dalek attack. * Peter Davison recreating the most iconic moment from "Castrovalva" with a specially made Tom Baker scarf. * A charming and intelligent man dressed as Sarah Jane from "The Hand of Fear" and almost pulling it off...maybe if he had shaved the beard. * An endless sea of girls in long red sweaters. * Fezzes and bow ties. * A toddler dressed as the 11th Doctor, complete with sonic. * A brilliant video wherein Davison blows off Freema Agyeman's request for an autograph. * Old friends who remind me of where I …