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Things I saw at Gallifrey 2011

I just returned from my second Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles and boy are my arms tired. Wait...that's not how the joke works, is it? Never mind...

The days blur and the laughs seem to echo endlessly into one great big cacophony of good will, but some things stick in the mind:

Janet Fielding offering to pose for a picture with a Tegan cosplayer and making the girl's convention. * A genuine CBS camera crew (!!!) filming a Dalek attack. * Peter Davison recreating the most iconic moment from "Castrovalva" with a specially made Tom Baker scarf. * A charming and intelligent man dressed as Sarah Jane from "The Hand of Fear" and almost pulling it off...maybe if he had shaved the beard. * An endless sea of girls in long red sweaters. * Fezzes and bow ties. * A toddler dressed as the 11th Doctor, complete with sonic. * A brilliant video wherein Davison blows off Freema Agyeman's request for an autograph. * Old friends who remind me of where I come from and why they are old friends. * A panel of brilliant female Joss Whedon fans publicly scolding me for not liking Firefly. * Apparently, in L.A. a "pint" isn't so much a fixed unit of measurement as it is a ill-defined amount roughly equal to whatever size glass the bartender has on hand. * Jane Espenson proving once again why she's the coolest fangirl in the universe. * A packed conference room laughing at my jokes about the Third Doctor and the Delgado Master having had a a one night stand that ended badly. * More fezzes and bow ties. * Matthew Waterhouse doing the exact same gallumphing walk that Adric did back in the day. * A lobby full of inebriated nerds becoming a giant family, only without the bitter resentment and layers of judgment. * Grown women laughing so hard that they snort their sparkling white wine--you know who you are. * Many discussions concerning the proper collective noun for a group of Amy Ponds. Is it a gaggle of Ponds? An oxbow lake of Ponds? Me, I say a group of Ponds should be called a Minnesota. * New friends who show me what I can be in the future and who had become old friends by Monday morning. * Still more bowties and fezzes...seriously a lot of fezzes. *The brilliant concept of the TARDIS not so much as a time-space machine as a genre machine. I mean, how clever is that? (Thanks, Emily!) * An Ironside Dalek offering a little boy jelly babies. * Loads of Tom Baker scarves, including one made just for me! (I have a Tom Baker scarf now! Tom Baker scarves are cool!) * Both first time and returning visitors to the U.S. getting way excited about root beer. * 1o podcasters and friends huddled around one mic taking the piss out of the 1996 TV movie. * Over 100 people crowded into a room to listen to a group of folks talk about gay issues in DW instead of going to the BTVS sing-along. That's commitment, my friends. * Sarah Sutton wearing some seriously fabulous boots. * Intelligent people arguing the relative merits of "The Web Planet," "The Power of Kroll" and "Timelash." * Having a discussion over extra-cheesy nachos about why there are so few female DW writers...with a woman who wrote an Eighth Doctor novel. Seriously awesome. The convo, not the nachos. * Did I mention the fezzes? Is there a collective noun for fezzes? If not, I suggest "a shriner," as in "a shriner of fezzes." * Joy in human form--all because of a silly family British sci-fi show.

As a new/old friend said, "I have always been at Gally. I am always at Gally. I will always be at Gally." Truer words were never tweeted.


Addendum: On a sad related note, news of the death of long-time DW actor Nicholas Courtney has just broken. Having played Brigadier, initially Colonel, Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart for 40 years, Courtney was a fixture in the world of DW. He will be sorely missed by millions, but he leaves us a legacy of which anyone would be proud.


  1. I have to admit that the "Genre-Making Machine" isn't really mine. I got that from Matt Hills in his text "Triumph of a Time Lord." But yeah, totally true right?

    It was great meeting you. See you next year at Gally 23!

  2. I didn't know you had a blog.
    wait, you don't like Firefly!?

  3. Emily, thanks for giving credit where it's due--very proper. :-)

    Drac, I had forgotten I had a blog, hence the multiple months between posts. And no, I don't care for Firefly...I consider it to be my only failing.

  4. Brilliant! Sorry I missed chatting.

  5. I would love to go some time, it sounds great. Have seen the clip of Peter Davison & Freema, it's really funny.

    Nice Blog btw.


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