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Questions Left Unanswered

Season 5 (and parts of 4) of the revived Doctor Who raised many questions that we're told Season 6 will pay off. Two episodes in, we've (maybe) gotten some answers, but many more questions have been asked that answered. What follows is nothing more than my subjective compilation of those questions, some of which are probably merely my brain trying to find answers to questions that only I have ever asked. Please feel free to add more in the comments or to shoot them to me via Twitter (@sjcaustenite).

Left over from 4:
1) Who is River Song? Companion? Wife? Other? The Rani? (God, do I wish--I have a soft spot for the Rani.)
2) When did she learn the Doctor's name?
3) When did she receive her sonic screwdriver? [This is one that may never be answered on-screen, as we've only seen her with it near the end of her life, but the next earliest time we see her (judging from the purely reverse chronology--"Time of Angel"/"Flesh & Stone"), she doesn't appear to have it yet.]
4) Is the Silence in "Silence in the Library" meant to refer in any way to the Silents? (Probably coincidence, but you never know.)

New in Season 5:
5) Who is the "good man" that River Song killed to get sent to the Storm Cage? (And if she can leave essentially whenever she wants, why does she stay? She says that she promised someone she would--was it the Doctor?)
6) Does all the blather about "our dreams not needing us" and "the time of angels" actually amount to anything more than atmosphere? (Probably not, but it's always bothered me.)
7) Who built the abandoned TARDIS-like spaceship in "The Lodger?" (6x02 implies that it belongs to the Silence, but they don't build things, they get others to build things for them. Or am I over-thinking this?)
8) Who guided the TARDIS to Amy & Rory's wedding day and caused it to explode?
9) Who's voice was that saying "silence will fall" in the TARDIS?
10) Incidentally, was dealing with the Weeping Angels what earned River her pardon from Storm Cage?

New in Season 6:
11) Who, if anyone, is in the spacesuit that shoots the Doctor? (One assumes that someone is in there since the Doctor says "I know who you are," but that could be wrong.)
12) Why did he/she/it kill the Doctor?
13) Why did the Doctor acquiesce in his own murder and invite Amy, Rory, River, and Canton?
14) What did the Doctor and his murdered discuss when we couldn't hear their conversation?
15) Are the Silents the same as "the silence" from Season 5--if so, what exactly does "Silence will fall" mean? (Grammatically speaking, it doesn't make much sense if the Silents are the silence--plus, it doesn't really fit with the Rosanna's description or the actual silence experienced in "Vampire in Venice.' Or am I nitpicking?)
16) Do the Silents rule other planets through suggestion they way they ruled Earth? (Possibly irrelevant--but not if they are the same as "the silence" and not given the 20 different kinds of alien tech used in the space suit.)
17) Why did the Silent in the bathroom that Amy must tell the Doctor "what he must know and what he must never know?" (What does that even mean? If it's about his death in 2011, how do they know unless they have time travel?)
18) What is the very important role that the Silents appear to be preparing Amy for when the TARDIS arrives to rescue her?
19) Who is the little girl--is she Amy's daughter, as the picture Amy found at the orphanage suggests, or is it more complicated than that?
20) Does the scanner's reading of Amy's pregnancy reflect a sort of quantum pregnancy due to her time traveling? Or was it caused by the Silents?
21) If the Silents are purged from the Earth beginning in 1969, then why does Amy see one in the desert in 2011?
22) Why are the Silents apparently raising the little girl?
23) Why is the little girl living inside a spacesuit? (Is it necessary for her life support, or is it simply an easier way to take care of her?)
24) How can the little girl regenerate? (And is it the first time she has done so? Is she a Time Lord of some sort?)
25) What the hell was going on with the weirdness in the orphanage, i.e. the weird woman who says that "she's dreaming"--the sliding window in the door that vanishes--and Amy disappearing from a locked room, etc., etc.?
26) How did the Doctor get captured and sent to Area 51 and what really happened between the cliffhanger to parts 1 & 2? (There's a lot that seems to be deliberately left out for reasons other than time compression.)

Any others?

Update: As of the airing of "A Good Man Goes to War," we seem to have answers to some of these. River Song, aka Melody Pond, has stated affirmatively that she is Amy & Rory's daughter. The Doctor seems to have surmised that Melody/River is also the girl in spacesuit that the Silence were raising, perhaps on Kovarian's behalf--she's almost certainly being raised to be a weapon in the endless war against the Doctor. She can regenerate due to her having been conceived while the TARDIS was in the time vortex Why Melody/River would need a spacesuit is still unclear. Amy was seeing "eye-patch lady", now named Madame Kovarian, because Amy wasn't actually Amy--only a flesh doppelganger. Hence, when the scanner tried to determine whether or not Amy was pregnant, it came back with a mixed result.


  1. -Why is River at Amy & Rory's wedding?

  2. Also, what happened to the old doctors TARDIS after he's killed? Where did he park it?

  3. Lewis: excellent question. I forgot that one.

    Another good one from Twitter: why didn't river hit the astronaut when she fired at it at the lake? And why did she say "of course not?"


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