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War and Peace 2013: Entry 18--Readings Eighteen and Nineteen

N.B.: This post will discuss only the events through the end of Book III, Part 3, Chapter 25. Unlike with The Odyssey, the eventual resolution of the story is not necessarily common knowledge, so I will make every attempt to avoid spoilers as we go. Also, there seems to be some weird chapter numbering going on with some editions of the novel, Kindle and otherwise. I've updated the reading schedule to make it clearer where the readings end and will be more than happy to answer any questions if you're confused.

Secondary N.B.: Somewhere along the line, my number system for the readings got all screwy. I've gone back and updated the headings, so they should be accurate. The "through the end of" figures were correct, however.

"On the way Pierre heard of the death of his brother-in-law, Anatole, and of Prince Andrew."

Believe it or not, this sentence is the reason I waited to write about these two readings together. Firstly, we find out only a few chapters la…