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War and Peace 2013: Entry 19--Reading Twenty

N.B.: This post will discuss only the events through the end of Book III. Unlike with The Odyssey, the eventual resolution of the story is not necessarily common knowledge, so I will make every attempt to avoid spoilers as we go. Also, there seems to be some weird chapter numbering going on with some editions of the novel, Kindle and otherwise. I've updated the reading schedule to make it clearer where the readings end and will be more than happy to answer any questions if you're confused.

"'But all that is only life's setting, the real thing is love -- love! Am I not right, Monsieur Pierre?'"

The French officer whose life Pierre instinctively saved was talking about love of a fairly earthly sort when he made his comment, but it nevertheless seems to me to be the central truth of this massive, amazing, insane, crazy-making book. All that--the war, the intrigues, the money, the pride, everything--all that is only life's setting: the real thing, for Tols…