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Austen 2014: Sense & Sensibility, Volume 1

Yes, this is very late. Life, etc. Anyway, Austen!

There's a lot to cover in this first volume, and it's tempting to start with the Dashwood sisters' respective romances, but I'm more immediately struck by the sheer vulgarity of many of the characters who surround them. Sir John is welcoming and magnanimous, but ultimately full of sound and fury signifying very little, indeed. Mrs. Jennings, while almost certainly a kind and good-hearted woman, has possibly the worst manners in all of Austen. Lady Middleton, her daughter, is better only for two reasons: she is quiet, and she's terrified of seeming coarse. Clearly, she rebelled against her mother's model, but become so obsessed with appearances and status that she has absolutely nothing else to contribute, aside from some very obnoxious children. Mrs. Jennings other daughter, Mrs. Palmer, takes after her mother in terms of temperament and volume, and her husband is so embittered and angry as to resemble a viper.…